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More US recovery illusions: GDP misses target, markets cheer.

Last Friday’s report was released, and as I predicted, a lot of blame for the sluggish figures fell on the weather. Despite a strong February on the markets, indices soaring to new highs, economic fundamentals are not responding to the … Continue reading

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It’s not the weather’s fault: Friday’s US GDP report

Nearly every news diffused in the financial community is analysed, broken down, analysed again, till a consensus around its significance is reached. The consensus usually tells you if the news is good or bad. You don’t need to know why, … Continue reading

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US Job Market: The Optimist Narrative vs. Reality

A lot in economics depends on forecasting and number-crunching. When a certain positive interpretation of macro figures such as GDP forecasts, unemployment numbers, or interest rate future variations, becomes the only existing media narrative out there, one might conclude that … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman is WRONG on TPP, here’s why.

Paul K did it, again. In a burst of arrogance, assumed elitism, and an old nobel laureate missing intellectual aura childish reaction, he managed to look ridiculously disconnected from reality. On the trans pacific partnership, or the TPP, Krugman published … Continue reading

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A note on Ron Paul ‘s farewell speech; Farewell great inspirator

While looking through the Mises Daily RSS feed today, i came through Ron Paul’s farewell speech to congress on November 14th, 2012. Let me tell you about what Ron Paul means to me. I have always been an unconditional fan … Continue reading

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