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Ukraine Media War Intensifies

When it comes to Ukraine, you need to chose. Today’s buzzing intellectuals and pundits « take sides ». They either defend democracy thriving Kiev or emphatically cry outrage against American led destabilization of Russia and its influence sphere. Axis of evil vs. The … Continue reading

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Digital Politics Censorship: Lebanon and Viber, Reddit and Snowden, France and Twitter

Tech companies are changing the way people communicate. And guess what, governments are losing the control battle. Digital politics censorship is not a game you wanna be engaged in unprepared. A few months ago, when I wrote why Edward Snowden … Continue reading

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The Ukraine crisis press review: Simplistic representation of chaos

The situation in Ukraine is getting more and more complicated by the minute. If you trust mainstream media, standard shallow analysis of the Ukrainian issue, you’ll surely end up with the conclusion that the evil Russians and their tyrant president … Continue reading

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Bernard-Henri Levy in Kiev: Poor Ukrainians

A cartoon that represents the hypocrite western position relating to the events in Ukraine. You can see French interventionist and atlantist philosopher, Bernard-Henri Lévy, posing for photographs in an apparently expensive suit. Next to him, we can see an Ukrainian … Continue reading

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Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Japan’s GDP, riots in Venezuela, Snowden’s odd job, flappy apps

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You can’t understand your stock analyst? He doesn’t either

However, everything is fine! The video has subtitles too!

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Beirut: World’s 20th Best City Ahead of Paris, Venice and Barcelona

« I know it’s sorta hard imagining we’d make a list and be considered better than Paris, Melbourne, Venice and Barca, but come on, this was made my world travelers, and if I am anything close to that, I know I … Continue reading

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Politics and the weatherman.

« I guess we need the equivalent of the Google-Earth weather radar for political events publicly and transparently available to all of us, and one based on real data not simplistic, journalistic, headlining. » Great Read

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On Dailymotion, Yahoo!, and Private Sector Depression

For you who have not followed up on this story, French Socialist Minister Arnaud Montebourg vetoed an attempt from Yahoo! to enter the capital of Dailymotion.  Here is a link to the article from the WSJ.  Now any free market proponent would vigorously argue that government intervention in … Continue reading

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Vidéo : retrouvez l’intégralité du discours de F.Hollande à l’issue des Assises de l’entrepreneuriat

A positive policy path. The minimal effect would be a confidence boost to entrepreneurs, which is great news in the current situation.

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