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Monthly Archives: août 2013

Can France « Smile » it’s way out of the Great Depression?

On the 14th of July, I met a group of four American tourists, lost on the Champs Elysees, the world’s most enchanting avenue, some say. They were scared, 5 a.m in the morning, and relieved to find my office open on … Continue reading

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Random Econ thoughts and links

Not much happening, again, summer calm. Some people are jumping around with every stock rally. Money is continuously being injected. Seems like a big party most of us are excluded from (so much for perfect liquidity). On Income inequality in … Continue reading

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Krugman and American Keynesianism – The Myth continues

Demand side economics is failing, all around the world. Attempts from academicians and economic writers to bring back economic textbooks, often referred by the course name (econ101) reveal a real crisis in the economics industry. I stumbled upon this blog … Continue reading

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