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Monthly Archives: juin 2013

A good read

« From Spencer’s 1884 to Orwell’s 1984″

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Friedman interview by Becker: Economics’ Finest

I stumbled upon this Gary Becker interview of Milton Friedman on YouTube. One thing about losing your privacy on the internet is that you get incredibly precise video recommendations. I watched every second of it, and in times where the … Continue reading

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Why Snowden (PRISM) is my hero, and why he should be yours too

I have been patient concerning this matter, for several reasons. At first sight, it appears that the so called “PRISM scandal” is an interior American politics and national security thing, at least like mainstream media wish to portray it as … Continue reading

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Abenomics or Euthanabe?

Last week, President François Hollande declared all his admiration for the economic policies of Japanese PM Abe, and I nearly fainted. I owe the term Euthanabe to Olivier Delamarche, founding president of Platinum Gestion, a French financial services and consulting company. … Continue reading

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The IMF’s New Clothes

No feeling is more ecstatic than intellectual victories. Especially against those arrogant shaved perfumed intellectuals and experts that roll on TV shows and explain that they “did what they did” because “it had to be done”, and any criticism of … Continue reading

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