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Monthly Archives: mai 2013

Politics and the weatherman.

« I guess we need the equivalent of the Google-Earth weather radar for political events publicly and transparently available to all of us, and one based on real data not simplistic, journalistic, headlining. » Great Read

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The “Ricardian-Equivalence” and Helicopter Money: A Legitimate Debate

In my last post I expressed my humble personal belief that monetary policy implemented throughout the Western world is inefficient and is being increasingly perceived as not sustainable by households and investors. In a summary of her questions to Adair … Continue reading

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Monetary policy as an answer to global recession? Are you serious?!

I believe the answer to the current recession in Europe and the States is not a macro policy one. It lies in deep micro economic understanding of our personal and economic behavior. The economic debate globally, as I mentioned in … Continue reading

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The problems with democracy

Great read

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Forbes: Why Apple Should Have A 0% Tax Rate

Forbes: Why Apple Should Have A 0% Tax Rate. Great read

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European Economic debate : asking the wrong questions leads to bad policy

So now we are having intellectuals inviting economists to incorporate societal indicators to counter market efficiency ones, and other similar fallacies, but let’s pass on that. Today I’m interested in the question « Are Germans richer than other Europeans? » and it’s … Continue reading

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A note on the German success story: when football meets economics

Last week has witnessed German football rising on the top of Europe by placing two top German teams in the final game for the Champions League. German economic success in times of crisis, along with the success of German teams … Continue reading

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On Dailymotion, Yahoo!, and Private Sector Depression

For you who have not followed up on this story, French Socialist Minister Arnaud Montebourg vetoed an attempt from Yahoo! to enter the capital of Dailymotion.  Here is a link to the article from the WSJ.  Now any free market proponent would vigorously argue that government intervention in … Continue reading

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Austerity debate refereed

Austerity debate refereed Glad to see other rational economists are on the same line with my last blog post. Get The Big Picture? The debate is not about statistics and figures, it is about context and perspective.

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